She's pregnant, now what?

Is your girlfriend pregnant?

You and your girlfriend have been having sex, and now you find out her period is late! Could your girlfriend be pregnant?

" I never thought it would happen to me"
now what?

The first thing you need to do is find out if she is really pregnant and learn about your options.The Crisis Pregnancy Centre provides a free and confidential on-site self administered pregnancy test and many other support services. Coming with her to the pregnancy test appointment will show her that you care and support her.


Is your daughter pregnant?

This is not what you had planned for your child. Your initial reaction may be anger or disappointment. Even so, your love for her is constant.

She needs you now more than ever.

We can help you navigate this journey; to be the support you want to be for your daughter. There are conversations that need to happen that will set the course of your changing relationship. We can help you figure it out and to learn what it truly means to help her.

Is your friend pregnant?

​You want to help your friend. Being a friend means being there through the difficult times as well as the fun times. It doesn’t mean telling her what you would do, but instead helping her to figure out what is best for her.

To do this she needs to get information on all of her options. She will need access to services, resources and most importantly, a supportive community. You can’t do it all for her. Help her get the help she needs.

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