Kairos Home is available to pregnant women who are alone and facing homelessness and need support for the duration of their pregnancy and after baby is born. 


A safe place. A home.


If you are single, pregnant and facing homelessness consider the security and safety of living at the Kairos Maternity Home. Potential residents should have no other children under their care and be able to commit to the program requirements at Kairos Home.


Residents will be given the support and opportunity to complete education goals and work towards establishing career plans and job opportunities. Attention will also be given to learning life skills, receiving counselling support for emotional, mental and spiritual issues and concerns, and learning how to care for a child and prepare a safe, independent home. Residents will be required to pay a monthly room and board fee to help cover daily living costs. A houseparent and other support staff will be available to residents 24/7. Kairos Home will function as a family setting, providing care and compassion to residents and their children.


“Residents at Kairos Home are able to stay for the duration of their pregnancy and up to six months following the birth of their baby. Assistance will be offered to residents in seeking and finding housing; the goal is to be able for each resident to find safe, permanent housing when she and her baby move out of Kairos Home.”  

How can I apply to stay in the home? CLICK HERE

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